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SLEs - Specialist Leaders Of Education

Specialist leaders of education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. They recognise outstanding leadership practice in their area of expertise and are accomplished in developing other leaders to head their own teams and improve practice in their schools. Specialist Leaders in Education could be deployed if you wish to improve the leadership in a specific subject or specialist area in your school.  They are able to provide one-to-one or group support.

SLEs can be utilised to support leadership developments in a school/subject area for any given fixed period, ranging from a one off session to on-going support over a term or academic year. The cost to a school to deploy a SLE is dependent on the experience and role of the SLE.

Our SLEs can provide support in the following areas:

  • Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Behaviour Management/Attendance
  • Support and improvement of Performance Management procedures
  • Leadership of CPD
  • Leadership of Curriculum
  • Business
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • History
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • PE
  • PSHE
  • RE
  • Science - Key Stage 3/4/5
  • Early Years/Foundation Stage
  • Drama
  • Phonics
  • SEN
  • Supporting most able

If you would like to book one of our SLEs to provide support in your school, please contact Denise Mair, Manager of the Benfleet Teaching School Alliance by clicking on the contact button below and completing our enquiry form.

Benfleet TSA Specialist Leaders of Education - Primary

Nicola Barrett - Primary teacher

Specialisms/Subjects: EYFS, Leadership of Curriculum

Aaron Cross - Primary Deputy Head

Specialisms/Subjects: Leadership of Curriculum, English, Mathematics, PE, Behaviour & Discipline, ITT

Donna Dry - Primary Deputy Head

Specialisms/Subjects: Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, Science KS1/KS2, ITT, Behaviour

Katie Herbert - Primary teacher

Specialisms/Subjects: Leadership of CPD, English, Assessment

Jane Kain - Primary teacher

Specialisms/Subjects: EYFS

Jane Le Marie - Primary teacher

Specialisms/Subjects: EYFS

Gemma Thurston - Primary Deputy Head

Specialisms/Subjects: Leadership of Curriculum, SEN, Special School Sector

Benfleet TSA Specialist Leaders of Education - Secondary

Neil Curran - Secondary teacher, Head of Languages

Specialisms/Subjects: Modern Foreign Languages

Robert Dobinson - Secondary teacher, Intervention Leader

Specialisms/Subjects: Leadership of Curriculum, History, Assessment, Behaviour, Intervention

Rachel Dunn - Secondary teacher

Specialisms/Subjects: Transition, PE, Mentoring/Coaching, Behaviour & Discipline, Attendance

Lauren Goodwin - Secondary teacher

Specialisms/Subjects: English, Behaviour, Attendance

Mary Heckles - Secondary teacher

Specialisms/Subjects: Closing the gap

Sarah Parsonson - Secondary Assistant Head

Specialisms/Subjects: Leadership of CPD, PE, BTSA ITT Coordinator 

Neil Vano - Secondary teacher, Head of ICT

Specialisms/Subjects: ICT/Computer Science, Leadership of CPD, ITT