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Following government guidelines, all CPD/training sessions offered on our website during autumn term 2020/21 may take place online. Face-to-face training will be reviewed and offered if appropriate and once safety guidance permits.
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NLE's School To School Support

In order to apply to become a national leader of education (NLE), you must be the headteacher of an outstanding school. In this role, you and your staff would support schools in challenging circumstances, in addition to leading your own school.

The goal of national leaders of education (NLEs) is to increase the leadership capacity of other schools to help raise standards. This is one part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in developing a self-improving and sustainable school system. There are currently over 800 NLE's.

If you are selected as an NLE, your school will become a national support school (NSS). This recognises the fact that your staff are likely to work alongside you in any support you may provide.



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Price: £50.00 per hour