ITT - Frequently Asked Questions


When should I apply?

Application will be open from 18th October 2016 through the UCAS website. 

How do I apply?

Applications are made via the UCAS website. Our courses can be found by entering Benfleet Teaching School Alliance into the search area.  The application process is clearly described through the short videos on the UCAS website

What happens to my application?

All applications are assessed by The Benfleet Teaching School Alliance. All suitable applicants will be invited for interview, subject to availability of places. This takes the form of a personal interview with our school staff and usually includes a senior manager and the identified mentor or relevant head of department. Candidates will be assessed to determine their suitability for the course and will be required to participate in short teaching episodes. This will involve leading a session for 30 minutes and reflecting in interview as to what went well and areas for development.  If the applicant is accepted, they will then be allocated to a school in our alliance that has requested a trainee, in line with their year group or key stage requirements.

School Direct Salaried or Unsalaried?

If you are on the School Direct salaried route you will be employed by and paid a salary by the school that you train in for that year. The salary will be in line with the unqualified teacher pay scale but you are not eligible to apply for a bursary.

The salaried route is only for candidates who have been in full time paid employment for at least two years. Their work experience does not have to be in an educational setting, they may be career changers who can bring valuable skills and experience to the profession. It is for the provider and schools to decide which skills and experience are relevant.

On the unsalaried route you are not paid a salary but you are eligible for a bursary, depending on your previous degree level status. Please see the School Direct website and the individual providers for more details and the different course programmes.

What do I need before I am able to apply?

Applicants need to have GCSE grade C in GCSE Maths, English and (for primary trainees) Science. They must hold the NCTL professional skills tests in Numeracy and Literacy. Applicants require a degree at classification 2:2 or above and if you wish to teach in the secondary sector a large proportion of your degree should be in the subject you wish to teach, usually a minimum of 50 %. In addition, it is desirable that you have at least two weeks experience in a school before starting the programme. Further details about eligibility can be found on the DFE website

How do I get into school to gain primary experience?

Try offering to volunteer in a local school as it is essential that all of our applicants have some experience of working with young people in mainstream UK primary or secondary schools. The more experience that you have of doing this then the stronger your application will be. We look very favourably on those candidates that have completed the schools experience programme / work experience within the partnership schools and would encourage all applicants to consider this.

What about my skills tests?

All applicants invited to interview will be required to undertake a short Literacy test, with the aim of assessing your skills in this key area. 

How do I arrange a visit or placement?

Please contact the Benfleet Teaching School Alliance by email: (Attn. Maxine Howard)


All the ITT information provided on our website is subject to change. We will endeavour to keep you updated of any government changes as they are introduced.


For further information, please contact the Benfleet Teaching School Alliance by completing our enquiry form.




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