How We Select Our Trainees

Application Form

We will assess your application form to see if you have met our entry requirements. It is important that your application is presented in an accurate and professional manner. Your personal statement is your opportunity to provide your reasons for wishing to pursue a career in teaching, to mention any additional skills you may have and to reflect on your experiences.

You are expected to provide an academic reference from your University as the main reference on your application form.


All suitable applicants will be invited for interview, subject to availability of places. This takes the form of a personal interview with our school staff and usually includes a senior manager and the identified mentor or relevant head of department.

Literacy and Numeracy tests

All applicants invited to interview will be required to undertake a short Literacy test, with the aim of assessing your skills in this key area.

Those applicants who have not yet passed their numeracy skills test will also be required to take a short numeracy paper lasting 30 minutes. If you require additional help (quite common in Maths) please contact as it may be possible to arrange assistance with this.


Candidates will be assessed to determine their suitability for the course and will be required to participate in short teaching episodes. This will involve leading a session for 30 minutes and reflecting in interview as to what went well and areas for development.

Good communication skills

Teachers are required to communicate with a wide range of people from pupils through to parents and other teachers in both written and verbal form therefore it is essential that applicants have (and can demonstrate) good communication skills.

Experience in schools

It is essential that all of our applicants have some experience of working with young people in mainstream UK primary or secondary schools. The more experience that you have then the stronger your application will be. We look very favourably on those candidates that have completed the schools experience programme/work experience within the partnership schools and would encourage all applicants to consider this. If you do not have school experience, please do not wait to submit your application.  School experience can be arranged as part of a conditional offer for suitable applicants and completed while your application is being processed.  For further information:

Commitment to teaching

Teaching is an extremely rewarding career and people who become teachers feel that they have the opportunity to make a real difference to people's lives. However, it is a challenging and demanding career both in terms of the training and the actual work. Therefore to ensure that we train teachers who go on to become successful, it is essential that applicants are fully committed to a career in teaching and understand precisely what such a career involves.

Broad subject knowledge

In order to communicate knowledge to their pupils effectively, it is essential that applicants have a sound grasp and understanding of the subject that they wish to teach. This knowledge comes from an applicant's degree but can be strengthened by relevant experience within that field. There are often opportunities or subject knowledge enhancement courses especially in the shortage subjects.


We are looking for applicants to be enthusiastic, not just about the subject that they teach but also about transferring that knowledge on to others. Previous experience has demonstrated that the more enthusiastic teachers are about what they are teaching then the more responsive pupils tend to be.
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