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Bursaries 2020

Depending on the subject that you wish to teach, you may be eligible to receive a tax-free ITT training bursary from the DfE. The amount of funding that you may be able to receive depends on the level of your degree qualification, the subject that you wish to teach and you meeting all of the eligibility criteria. 

The following subject bursaries will apply for unsalaried positions for September 2020:

Subject Scholarship 1st/PHD/2:1/2:2 or Masters Degree Early Career payment
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Modern Foreign Languages £28,000 £26,000 £6,000
Biology   £26,000  
Computing £28,000 £26,000  
D&T   £15,000  
English   £12,000  
Geography £17,000 £15,000  
Music, RE, History, Art, Business Studies   £9,000  
Primary maths (must have at least B grade at A Level) £6,000 £6,000